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Ultimate Questions

Each time a visitor loads your web page a new ultimate question will appear. Ultimate Questions are humorous brain teasers that will keep visitors returning to your site time and again.


Interesting Facts

A collection of interesting facts and figures to keep your visitors interested in returning to your web site. A new, randomly selected, fact will be displayed on each page load.


On This Day in History

Each day events from history will automatically appear on your website. You can choose to show the first 10 events as a teaser or the entire archive of events that occurred that day in history.

Daily Phrazzle®

A Phrazzle® is a brain teaser you can add to your website and tantalize your visitors with. Each day a new Phrazzle® appears and yesterdays answer is revealed. Highly sticky content ! Your code is emailed to you for this content to enable us to keep you abreast of any changes to this service.

Hollywood Lessons

A collection of humorous, tongue in cheek, observations on the many lessons of life that television can teach us.


Random Joke

Add a random joke feed to your website. Each time a visitor loads your page, a clean joke will appear.


Lottery Picker

Add a random lottery picker to your website. With one press of the button your visitors can get a random set of numbers to use for a lottery entry!

Sticky Tetris

A fantastic game that will keep your visitors amused for hours. The images and HTML reside on your server and you will need to download them from Freesticky and install them on your server before the HTML will work.